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Monday 20 August 2012

The Bird Fair

Ready for action
I've just got back from the Bird Fair where I represented REGUA, the conservation project in Brazil which I have been supporting for the last six years.

Deep in Conversation
Along with Rachel, Lee and Alan I had a great time talking about my favourite place non-stop for three whole days - it was bliss!   Standing around chatting for over 8 hours a day was tiring, but rewarding.

There was a chance to meet up with some old friends, those who had stayed at the Guapi Assu Lodge previously and were keen to find out how things had developed since.   Others had heard all about the project and others were planning to visit or re-visit.

For the first year we had a whole stand and the impact was fantastic.  The new Logo really caught the eye and our new banners and home-made cakes (courtesy of Rachel from RAW Baking)  drew in the crowds and we had a brilliant time.

Rachel with delicious homemade cakes