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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Northward Hill Part II

Second trip to Northward Hill, this time visiting the Heronry and (with permission) a walk in the sanctuary area.   Lots to hear with birdsong all around us, but there were also plenty of smaller things to see.   Here's a selection:
Azure Damselfly

Hairy Dragonfly
At last some odonata to see - spring must finally be on its way, although it doesn't feel like it.

May blossom

Part of a fairy ring

Cinnabar Moth

Brown Tail Moth caterpillar
This hairy caterpillar has come in for lots of bad press as some people have a severe reaction to the hairs.   Rather harshly (apparently) my advice would be to leave it alone and not touch it, but I do have sympathy if you inadvertently come into contact.   I got admonished by one of the group for not advocating their extinction!
I have no real knowledge of Weevils, but I absolutely love them as a species.   Usually so distinctive I can tell they actually are Weevils (which helps) and from there its down to "this is a Weevil!"   This individual was resting on the car when I returned from our morning walk, along with several flies which were not as obliging and quickly moved off as the camera appeared.
Two spot ladybird