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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How a day can change!

The Plan
Starting off with a wander around the wetlands, and the prospect of breakfast - so far so good.

After breakfast a meeting with one of the staff to discuss how to manage the fringes of the water for wildlife and to enable better views of rails and crakes.

The Reality
At the conservation centre, bumped into one of the volunteers that I needed a photo of, so a walk to the Nursery, interview and photos taken.   Back to the Conservation Centre to be met with the prospect of an exercise class.   Luckily I had the camera and used that as my shield - taking photographs and video of the participants.   Both staff, volunteers and visitors joined in.

Whilst photographing the class, a group of children from a local secondary school left their classroom and swarmed across the courtyard - with calls for their photograph to be taken.   Photographs duly done I returned to the exercise class, only to be called away again for yet more photographs of the children, this time of the Professor explaining the vital role that forests have to play in the rain cycle and catchment area of the Upper Guapiaçu River.

Back to the exercise class.   Moments later, the Bromeliad Researchers were apparently doing something very interesting and "worth a photograph".   Watching as they washed, measured, collected botanical fauna, more photographs were taken.  

Then the School children went off for a walk around the wetland and photographs were required.

Into the laboratory for the final stage in the Bromeliad Research process.   Discussions were taking place regarding some medical support required for a staff member, over an hour later plans were in place to resolve the issue - more of which later!

Quick break for lunch, then off to the nearest town to complete the medical purchase in a local bank.   After two abortive attempts to make a transaction, returned to the vehicle which by then had a flat tyre.

Luckily we were opposite a physiotherapy clinic who kindly took us into their air conditioned reception, offered coffee and cold water (and the use of facilities) whilst we waited for our Knights in Shining Armour to bring life to the vehicle.   Some two hours later, we were on our way to the Supercercado for supplies.  

Finally back at the lodge at 6:50, just in time for Caipirinha and dinner.

Just another day in Paradise . . . . .